On-site installation and training

By taking advantage of our on-site installation and training service, you can be confident that your machine operators will have the skills and knowledge needed to get the most out of the CS-1100 machine.

We are excited to offer an optional on-site installation and training service for our cutting and straightening machine for MI cable. Our training program is designed to help machine operators in your company to use the machine effectively and safely, and to get the most out of its advanced features.

During the training, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the machine and its features, including how to change wear parts such as PTFE bushings and cutting disks. We will also demonstrate how to adjust the machine to different cable diameters, and explain how to take advantage of its extra features to optimize performance.

More reasons to choose CS-1100

+ Advanced safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents

+ Easy-to-use touchscreen interface with intuitive controls

+ Modular design for easy maintenance and replacement of worn parts

+ Compact size allows for easy installation and transportation

+ Inner parts, such as electronics, cutting discs and PTFE bushings can be easily re-ordered

+ Log files allow for troubleshooting and maintenance

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