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Who is the CS-1100 for?

The CS-1100 is ideal for companies who use MI cable for the production of temperature sensors. The cutting and straightening of MI cables is a highly skilled, labor-intensive and time-consuming task. The CS 1100 is the first machine to combine multiple steps of the MI sensor production process and execute them automatically.

What makes the CS-1100 different from other products?

The CS-1100 combines straightening and cutting in one machine. We guarantee a nearly burr-free cut of the MI cable ends. Making extra work to remove rims redundant.

Furthermore the machine can maintain a production queue, which allows it to automatically move from one job to the next.

We are working on the development of the successor to the CS-1100, which will also be able to strip the MI cable and MGO powder from the ends of the MI cable pieces.

What does the CS-1100 production queue mean?

The software provides the operator with the option to add jobs to a queue, allowing the machine to automatically move on to the next job once the current job is finished, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiency. It is, for example, possible to move from  cutting 100 10 cm pieces of MI cable to cutting 200 pieces of 20 cm MI cable. This queue is maintained in the easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

What kind of cutting mechanism is utilized in the CS-1100 machine?

Our CS-1100 machine utilizes two specialized cutting discs, with our first option designed for precision and efficiency. This disc, incorporating a blend of silica and carbon, boasts a fine grain size. This fine granularity, akin to the coarseness found in sandpaper, allows for effective cutting but with a wear rate that is accelerated when compared to our second disc made of alumina oxide. Despite this, its wear characteristics are commendably superior within the wider market. The disc’s performance is further enhanced by a meticulously chosen bonding agent, ensuring durability and a balance between longevity and precise cutting capability.

The second cutting disk we recommend is one that primarily consists of alumina oxide, which enables the quick generation of a sharp edge. As a result, it has low overall resistance and generates very little heat. This disc also makes use of a hard bonding agent. We anticipate a longer lifespan for this cutting wheel when cutting smaller MI cable diameters.

Lastly, to achieve a flawless, perfectly straight cut, we employ a clamping mechanism designed to securely hold the cable during the cutting process. This mechanism is of paramount significance as it effectively prevents any wobbling of the MI cable during cutting.

Can the CS-1100 be customized to fit specific needs?

We do not support customization  requests. Our focus is to enhance the complete CS-range.

Which additional products work together with the CS-1100?

We offer a  spool holder and product collector, to make working with the CS-1100 even easier.

The spool holder holds the MI cable spool in place, which allows the machine to smoothly pull the cable through during the cutting and straightening process. Most spool holders are known to cause tangling or snarling of the cable, our spool holder is perfectly compatible with the machine, providing a seamless and efficient workflow that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

The collector is used to neatly collect and organize the straightened cables, making it easy to handle and transport them.

Where can I find user manuals and documentation for the CS-1100?

All documentation can be viewed with the links below;

CS-1100 brochure

CS-1100 datasheet

Watch the CS-1100 product video

The user manual is supplied upon request.

Technical Specifications

What are the technical specifications of the CS-1100?

Please find the technical specifications table below.

Machine dimensions (mm)1100 (L) x 600 (W) x 300 (H)
Supported cable diameter1 -8 mm
Straightenerrotary straightener
cable feeder2* rubber timing belt
CuttingSpecial ceramic cutting disc
Extraction unitExternal
Machine controlTouch-screen LCD
Power voltage230V @ 50Hz
Communication portUSB
Safety certificationCE

Does the CS-1100 require any specific operating conditions?

The CS-1100 is suitable for most manufacturing facilities. It requires a dry, stable and flat surface and 230V power supply. This machine is not suitable for outdoor use. Keep this machine away from rain and moisture.

How does the CS-1100 integrate with existing systems?

The CS-1100 is a stand-alone machine for straightening and cutting MI cable. Each manufacturing facility has their own unique lay-out, therefore we cannot provide specific  recommendations for setting up the CS-1100 in an automated process.

Purchase and Warranty

Is the CS-1100 available for purchase or for lease?

The CS-1100 is primarily intended for sale. We can, however, offer lease agreements for companies who prefer to lease equipment for their production facilities.

What warranty options are available for the CS-1100?

The CS-1100 comes with a 1-year warranty. Check general terms & conditions on our website. Extended warranties are available when the choice is made for a service contract. The service contract includes extended warranty coverage of 1 year beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Support and Maintenance

What support options are available for the CS-1100?

Once a customer has decided to purchase the CS-1100 machine, they are eligible to sign up for a service contract which is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Customers without service contract or outside the service-region, can contact TMF for advice on their support needs.

 What is included in the service contract of the CS-1100?

The service contract is an excellent investment for customers who want to ensure that their machine operates at its optimal level and provides them with the best possible results.

Some of the options available for customers who sign up for the service contract include;

Priority access to technical support
Customers who sign up for the service contract have priority access to technical support. This means that if they encounter any issues, they will receive a reaction within one working day and a guaranteed resolution of any problem encountered after problem definition.

Emergency repair services with guaranteed response time

In the event of an emergency, the service contract includes emergency repair services with a guaranteed response time. This ensures that any urgent issues are addressed promptly. The service contract also includes extended warranty coverage of 1 year beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. This provides customers with additional protection and peace of mind.

The inclusion of emergency repair services and extended warranty coverage may be subject to certain limitations and exclusions. These are specified in the applicable terms and conditions that can be found on TMF’s website.

Remote equipment monitoring and diagnostics
Customers who sign up for the service contract will also benefit from remote equipment monitoring and diagnostics. This feature allows the technicians to monitor the machine from a remote location, identify potential issues, and diagnose problems.

Discount on replacement parts
Replacement parts such as bushings and grinding discs are available at a 30% discounted price, which helps reduce costs. Furthermore, the grinding discs can be sent back to TMF for a deposit.

Free recurring software updatesCustomers who sign up for the service contract receive free recurring software updates to ensure that their machine is always up to date.

How do I perform maintenance on the CS-1100?

Regular maintenance guidelines can be found in the user manual. Have the machine serviced and repaired only by qualified and skilled personnel and only with original parts.

How do I know the CS-1100 needs maintenance?

The software is programmed to give timely warning as to when the cutting disc or bushings of the rotary straightener need to be replaced. This ensures that maintenance is performed at the appropriate time, thus minimizing the risk of poor performance, downtime or damage to the machine.

Does the CS-1100 alert the operator in case of errors or dangers?

The software is designed to detect malfunctions in the machine, alerting the operator with flashing lights and on-screen warnings about the problem. This provides a quick and easy way to identify and immediately address any issues that may arise.

Furthermore, the software allows the operator to save operating information on log files providing a valuable reference tool for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Are there replaceable parts in the event of a malfunction?

There are parts of the CS-1100 that need to be replaced on a  regular basis, such as cutting disks and PTFE bushings. You can request a spare part price-list for further reference.

The machines are  constructed according to a modular design, making maintenance and replacement of worn parts easy. Parts can be changed by your own staff. Please consult the user manual for instructions.


What should I do if I encounter a problem with my CS-1100?

Please consult the ‘Error list’ in the user manual. If the issue persists, please contact our technical support team for assistance.